Thanks for your interest in the Woof Rescue upgrades. We share 10% of proceeds with non-profit shelters, and use the rest to make the app even better to save more pets.

Breed Bonanza

When you select a breed, you will see all animals that have that breed as either primary or secondary. With the "Breed Bonanza" upgrade, you can choose exactly the combination you'd like, such as "Akita" + "Shiba Inu". Some folks know a particular breed isn't right for their situation. Upgrading to "Breed Bonanza" will allow you to eliminate any breed that you choose from the search results. Maybe a Mastiff is too big for your apartment? No problem, take them out of your search results! Looking for a particular popular mix like Labradoodle or Chiweenie? "Breed Bonanza" has you covered with a pre-selected list of these popular breeds!

Filter Frenzy

Why stop at 10 filters when searching for your new pet? Upgrade to "Filter Frenzy" and you'll be able to choose from 70 filters including coat length, declawed, gentle, shedding amount, hypoallergenic and many more. Truly the best way to find the pet that matches you the best!

Ad Buster

While our ads are all pet related, some folks would rather just see the adoptable animals. This upgrade will clear the way for only pets in your search results.

Rescue Hero

Get all the upgrades for a greatly discounted price with "Rescue Hero"!